Steering Committee
Amitava Bhattacharjee
Princeton University
Fausto Cattaneo
University of Chicago
Cary Forest
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Hantao Ji
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Hui Li
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Stewart Prager
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Ellen Zweibel
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Program Advisory Committee
Ronald C. Davidson (Chair)
Princeton University
Jonathan Arons
University of California, Berkeley
Troy Carter
University of California, Los Angeles
Michael Hesse
Mark Miesch
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Dmitri D. Ryutov
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fred Skiff
University of Iowa

International Cooperative Agreements
Centre on Universal Behaviour of Non-Equilibrium Plasmas
Director : Reinhard Schlickeiser
A European ''GdR'' is an international ''Groupe de Recherche'', or scientific coordination network. The European GdR on Dynamo, or GdR Dynamo, is a network which gathers several european groups involved in dynamo theory. Its aim is to organise regular joint meetings and prompt scientific collaborations.
International Joint COE Center for Magnetic Self-Organization
Tokyo, Japan
Jet Consortium, Torino, Italy
Director : Attilo Ferrari
University of Sao Paulo

CMSO structure
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