Particle Energization in Nature and the Lab
December 17 - 19, 2012 | Madison, WI
Online Materials: Program [PDF, 63.71 KB]

In memoriam: Robert Lin (1942-2012)

Organizers: M. Brown, J. Sarff, H. Li, E. Zweibel

  1. Mike Brown, Ion Energization in SSX [PDF, 11.6 MB]
  2. William Daughton, Insight from PIC Simulations [PDF, 14.04 MB]
  3. Jan Egedal, Large-scale Electron Acceleration During Single X-line Reconnection [PDF, 4.25 MB]
  4. Bill Heidbrink, Energetic Ion Transport by Instabilities [PDF, 15.09 MB]
  5. Sam Krucker, RHESSI overview and energetic electrons in flares [ZIP, 34.24 MB]
  6. Hui Li, Magnetic Field Amplification and Dissipation – Two Selected Examples [PDF, 10.91 MB]
  7. William Matthaeus, Particle energization, turbulence and solar wind [PDF, 4.28 MB]
  8. John Raymond, Physics of Collisionless Shock Waves [PDF, 19.96 MB]
  9. John Sarff, Ion Heating and Energization in the RFP [PDF, 8.37 MB]
  10. Paul Terry, Ion Heating Theories for the Reversed Field Pinch [PDF, 0.67 MB]
  11. Masaaki Yamada, Studies of Particle Heating and Acceleration in the MRX Reconnection Layer [PDF, 7.56 MB]