CMSO Workshop on Reconnection with Instability and Flow
April 5 - 6, 2012 | Madison, WI
Online Materials: Program [PDF, 43.79 KB]

Scientific organizers: Amitava Bhattacharjee, Alex Lazarian, Ellen Zweibel.

Talks exploring reconnection research, plasmoid instabilities, and the role of flows.

  1. Scott Baalrud, Plasmoid Instabilities in 2D Hall-MHD and 3D Resistive MHD [PDF, 3.73 MB]
  2. William Daughton, Does turbulence drive reconnection, or does reconnection drive turbulence? [PDF, 24.35 MB]
  3. Seth Dorfman, Three-dimensional, impulsive reconnection events and associated turbulence in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment (MRX) [PDF, 5.89 MB]
  4. Gregory Eyink, Flux-Freezing, Spontaneous Stochasticity, and Fast Turbulent Reconnection [PDF, 2.6 MB]
  5. John Finn, Quasi-separatrix layers and 3D reconnection diagnostics for line- tied tearing modes [PDF, 5.65 MB]
  6. Yi-Min Huang, Plasmoid Instability in High Lundquist Number Magnetic Reconnection [PDF, 6.54 MB]
  7. Tom Intrator, How does current sheet geometry shred to smaller scales? [PDF, 2.24 MB]
  8. Alex Lazarian, Magnetic reconnection in turbulent astrophysical environments and its implications [PDF, 11.34 MB]
  9. W Matthaeus, Coherent structure, cascade and reconnection in MHD and HMHD turbulence [PDF, 6.02 MB]
  10. John Sarff, Role of Tearing Mode Harmonics in Magnetic Relaxation of the RFP [PDF, 10.46 MB]
  11. Ethan Vishniac, Theory and Simulations of Reconnection in 3D Turbulence [PDF, 1.63 MB]
  12. Vladmimir Zhdankin, A Statistical Analysis of Current Sheets in MHD Turbulence [PDF, 3.29 MB]