The Midwest Magnetic Fields Workshop
April 4, 2012 | Madison, WI
Simulations of Interstellar Turbulence by V. van Gogh, 1889
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Online Materials: Program [PDF, 56.11 KB]

The Midwest is home to many groups studying astrophysical magnetic fields. Therefore it is advantageous to stimulate exchanges and collaboration between groups in America's Heartland. This workshop precedes the 2012 CMSO Turbulent Reconnection Workshop occurring on April 5th and 6th.

Organizers: Alex Lazarian and Blakesley Burkhart

  1. Stanislav Boldyrev, Residual energy in MHD turbulence [PDF, 0.68 MB]
  2. Matthew Brookhart, Coaxial Current Injection [PDF, 0.44 MB]
  3. Ben Brown, Magnetic Buoyancy Instabilities in Simulations of Stellar Dynamos and Laboratory Experiments [PDF, 6.21 MB]
  4. Blakeslay Burkhart, PDFs of Column Density: Observational Considerations for Measuring the Turbulent Mach Numbers [PDF, 10.57 MB]
  5. Nichlas Chapman, The Magnetic Field in Taurus Probed by Infrared Polarization [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  6. Jungyeon Cho, Dmitry Shapovalov, Turbulent Magnetic Helicity Transport and the Rapid Growth of Large Scale Magnetic Fields [PDF, 3.36 MB]
  7. Dick Crutcher, Role of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation: Testing Ambipolar Diffusion Theory [PDF, 1.71 MB]
  8. Jennifer Delgado, Terry Jones, Tom Jones, Theodore Wahl, Planck Polarimetry and the Galactic Magnetic Field [PDF, 1.54 MB]
  9. Chat Hull, Polarization in Forming Stars [PDF, 14.1 MB]
  10. Nadia Kaltcheva, Polarization - Extinction Relation in the 4th Galactic Quadrant [PDF, 0.46 MB]
  11. Ivan Khalzov, Effect of boundary conditions on dynamo in spherical plasma flows of von Karman type [PDF, 5.96 MB]
  12. Alexander Lazarian, Galactic cosmic rays and the turbulent heliospheric tail [PDF, 6.51 MB]
  13. Tristan
 Matthews, The
 Submillimeter Telescope

 Polarimetry (BLAST‐Pol):

Campaign [PDF, 4.05 MB]
  14. James McBride, Magnetic Fields in Starburst Galaxies [PDF, 2.31 MB]
  15. Claire Murray, Magnetic fields and the fraction of thermally unstable ISM [PDF, 1.01 MB]
  16. Giles Novak, Observing Class 0 Cores with the SHARP Polarimeter [PDF, 23.89 MB]
  17. Derek Thuecks, Measurements of MHD turbulence in the Madison Symmetric Torus [PDF, 0.46 MB]
  18. Benjamin Tofflemire, Tsallis Distribution and ISM Turbulence: A New Way of Constraining Mach Numbers [PDF, 2.2 MB]
  19. Barbara Whitney, Probing Magnetic Fields in Protostars with near-IR [PPTX, 2.29 MB]