Midwest Magnetic Fields Workshop
May 6, 2011 | Madison, WI
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The Midwest is home to many groups studying astrophysical magnetic fields. Therefore it is advantageous to stimulate exchanges and collaboration between groups in America's Heartland.

  1. Dinshaw Balsara, New Paradigms in High - Accuracy Numerical MHD [PDF, 1.19 MB]
  2. Ben Brown, Cyclic Dynamo Convection Simulation in Solar-type Stars [PDF, 7.28 MB]
  3. Blakesley
 Burkhart, Snakes 
 Polaremetry [PDF, 41.95 MB]
  4. Paolo Desiati, Particle acceleration in reconnection regions and cosmic ray excess from the heliotail [PDF, 6.42 MB]
  5. P. Frisch, Interstellar Magnetic Fields in the Solar Vicinity [PPT, 8.22 MB]
  6. D.J.Den Hartog, Ion energization during magnetic reconnection in MST RFP [PPTX, 3.6 MB]
  7. Alex Hill, MHD simulations of a supernova-driven turbulent ISM [PDF, 2.66 MB]
  8. Terry Jay Jones, Grain Alignment in Starless Cores [PPT, 3 MB]
  9. Elliot Kaplan, Identifying and reducing the effects of large scale turbulence in the Madison Dynamo Experiment [KEY, 8.61 MB]
  10. Hyeseung Lee, Acceleration of Cosmic-rays by Super-Alfvenic turbulence [PPTX, 1.1 MB]
  11. Márcia Leão, Star formation triggered by turbulence [PPTX, 20.25 MB]
  12. Chad Meyer, Direct Evidence for Two-Fluid Effects in Molecular Clouds [PPT, 1.55 MB]
  13. Brian Morsony, How do gamma-ray bursts make gamma-rays? [PPTX, 44.94 MB]
  14. Seth Teitler, Venting of Massive Star Magnetospheres [PDF, 1.17 MB]
  15. P. Terry, Small Scale Density Gradient Structures in ISM A Quantitative Comparison of Simulation and Theory [PDF, 2.67 MB]