CMSO General Meeting
June 9 - 11, 2010 | Swarthmore, PA
Online Materials: Program [PDF, 32.42 KB]

This meeting is also sponsored by JSPS Core-to-Core Program on CMSO.

  1. Stirling Colgate, Can Large-scale dynamo magnetic flux be created because of turbulence or in spite of turbulence? [PDF, 12.41 MB]
  2. Cami Collins, Update on Plasma Couette experiment [PDF, 4.71 MB]
  3. S. Dorfman, MRX fluctuation results (disruptive current layers) [PDF, 3.19 MB]
  4. Horst Fichtner, Instabilities, Turbulence and Transport in Cosmic Magnetic Fields -- Activities of a Plasma Research Center at the Ruhr-University of Bochum [PDF, 22.22 MB]
  5. Christophe Gissinger, Magnetized spherical Couette flow [PDF, 1.35 MB]
  6. Jeremy Goodman, Accretion Disk Transport: A Tutorial [PDF, 1.14 MB]
  7. Tim Gray, Fluctuations and selective decay in SSX [PDF, 3.98 MB]
  8. Don Huynh, Analog of Astrophysical Magnetorotational Instability in a Couette-Taylor Flow of Polymer Fluids [PPT, 1.7 MB]
  9. Wei Liu, Particle Energization in 3D Magnetic Reconnection of Relativistic Pair Plasmas [PDF, 15.14 MB]
  10. Leonid Malyshkin, Highlights of the workshop on imbalanced MHD turbulence imbalanced MHD turbulence [PDF, 1.84 MB]
  11. Mark Nornberg, Neutral Beam Injection – a new tool for studying momentum transport in MST [PDF, 5.68 MB]
  12. Michael Shay, Turbulence, Reconnection, and the Solar Wind [PDF, 6.29 MB]
  13. Derek Thuecks, Spectral Character of turbulence in the Madison Symmetric Torus Edge [PDF, 14.02 MB]