Midwest Magnetic Fields Workshop
April 20 - 21, 2010 | Madison, WI
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The Midwest is home to many groups studying astrophysical magnetic fields. Therefore it is advantageous to stimulate exchanges and collaboration between groups in America's Heartland.

  1. D. Balsara, Direct Evidence for Two-Fluid Effects in Molecular Clouds [PDF, 4.48 MB]
  2. A. Beresnyak, Acceleration of Cosmic Rays in Shock Precursors [PDF, 0.62 MB]
  3. D. Crutcher, Observations of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation Regions [PDF, 1.4 MB]
  4. John Everett, Cosmic Rays and Cool Clouds [PDF, 0.91 MB]
  5. Alex Lazarian, Reconnection Diffusion and Star Formation [PDF, 5.31 MB]
  6. Leonid Malyshkin, Model of two-fluid magnetic reconnection [PDF, 0.13 MB]
  7. D. Pogosyan, CS: Velocity Coordinate Spectrum [PPT, 2.48 MB]
  8. Kurt Smith, Decaying Kinetic Alfv ́en Wave Turbulence and Pulsar Scintillations [PDF, 1.97 MB]
  9. S. Spangler, Faraday Rotation as a Diagnostic of Cosmic Dick Magnetic Fields [PPT, 1.46 MB]
  10. P. Terry, Dissipation Range of MHD Turbulence [PDF, 0.89 MB]
  11. Jones Terry, In Search of Grain Alignment [PPT, 3.25 MB]
  12. Ellen Zweibel, Primitive Model of Turbulent Viscosity [PDF, 48.92 KB]