Flow Driven Instabilities and Turbulence in High Beta Plasmas and Kick-off meeting for the Madison Plasma Dynamo Experiment
December 15 - 17, 2009 | Madison, WI
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A planning meeting to review the design of the Madison Plasma Dynamo Experiments and solicit input from astrophysicists on ideas for potential ground breaking experiments.

  1. Jonathan Arons, Pulsar Winds and Shocks
  2. Stas Boldyrev, MHD Dynamos
  3. Ben Brown, Rotating Convection [PDF, 19.33 MB]
  4. Troy Carter, LaB6 Plasma Source
  5. Troy Carter, lasma Turbulence at High Beta
  6. Cami Collins, Plasma MRI
  7. Steve Cowley, Plasma Dynamos [PDF, 0.43 MB]
  8. Weixing Ding, Diagnostic Overview
  9. Fatima Ebrahami and Ivan Khalzov, Plasma MRI [PDF, 0.91 MB]
  10. John Everett, Jets and Disks [PDF, 2.06 MB]
  11. Cary Forest, Introduction [PDF, 17.6 MB]
  12. Ken Fowler, Comic Ray Acceleration by Plasma Turbulence [PDF, 1.19 MB]
  13. Greg Hammett, Plasma MRI [PDF, 2.27 MB]
  14. Don Holly, Programmable Power Supplies [PDF, 3.72 MB]
  15. Hantao Ji, Plasma MRI [PDF, 4.62 MB]
  16. Mark Koepke, A review of Terrella experiments investigating the Solar Wind/Magnetosphere interaction
  17. Barrett Rogers, Flow driven reconnection [PDF, 4.01 MB]
  18. Alex Squitieri, Data Acquisition and Control [PDF, 6.24 MB]
  19. John Wallace, Vessel, Magnets, and Cooling [PDF, 5.04 MB]
  20. Ellen Zweibel, Partially Ionized MHD [PDF, 0.27 MB]