CMSO General Meeting
October 7 - 9, 2009 | Madison, WI
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General meeting on all CMSO related research topics.

  1. Naoki Bessho, Fast Reconnection and Collisionless Resistivity in Low-Density Hydrogen and Pair Plasmas
  2. Ben Brown, Dynamos in Rapidly Rotating Stars [PDF, 18.19 MB]
  3. Ben Brown, Mass-Dependent Ion Heating Due to Magnetic Reconnection in SSX
  4. Fausto Cattaneo, Shear Layer Dynamos
  5. Multi-island Coalescence and Particle Acceleration, Oka
  6. S. Colgate, H. Li, V. Pariev, J. Si, D. Westpfahl, J. Slutz, C. Westrom, B. Klein, M. Milburn, H. Beckley, J. Martinic, Couette Flow in the NMIMT Liquid Sodium αω-Dynamo Experiment [PDF, 16.7 MB]
  7. Collins, Results from the Helicon MRI Experiment
  8. Cothran, Relaxation and Reconnection in Merging Spheromak Experiment
  9. Diamond, Potential Vorticity Dynamics in Drift Wave & MHD Turbulence
  10. Drake, A Reconnection Mechanism for the Generation of Anomalous Cosmic Rays
  11. Fatima Ebrahimi, Numerical Simulations of Plasma Couette Flow Experiment
  12. Cary Forest, Introduction to the Plasma Dynamo Experiment [PDF, 4.88 MB]
  13. Cary Forest, Plans for the Madison Plasma Dynamo Experiment
  14. Sebastian Heinz, Relativistic Jets & Their Impact on the Interstellar Medium
  15. Inomoto, Fast Magnetic Reconnection with Current Sheet Ejection in Plasma Merging Experiment
  16. Hantao Ji, Brief Summary of 16th International Couette-Taylor Workshop
  17. Hantao Ji, Large Helicon Plasma MRI Experiment
  18. I. Khalzov, F. Ebrahimi, C. Forest, D.D. Schnack, Simulations of Von Karman Plasma Dynamos with NIMROD [PDF, 1.51 MB]
  19. J. King, C. Sovinec, V. Mirnov, Two-fluid Single Helicity Dynamo and Saturation in a Cylindrical Pinch [PDF, 2.08 MB]
  20. R. Magee, Parallel and Perpendicular Ion Energization in MST [PDF, 0.66 MB]
  21. L. Malyshkin, S. Boldyrev, Dynamo in Helical Turbulence [PDF, 0.34 MB]
  22. Flows Matsumoto, Global Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Time Variabilities in Black Hole Accretion
  23. M. Miller, Flow Dynamics and Transport in the Edge of MST [PDF, 4.7 MB]
  24. Pinton, Self-excited Dynamos in the VKS Dynamo Experiment
  25. Y. Ren, A. Almagri, G. Fiksel, S. Prager, J. Sarff, P. Terry, Experimental Study of Anisotropic Magnetic Turbulence in MST [PDF, 1.78 MB]
  26. J. Reusch, J. Anderson, D. Den Hartog, F. Ebrahimi, C. Forest, R. O'Connell, D. Schnack, H. Stephens, Simulated and Measured Electron THermal Transport with Varying Stochasticity [PDF, 0.64 MB]
  27. Roytershtein, Fully Kinetic Simulations of Driven Magnetic Reconnection Mimicking MRX
  28. H. Stephens, D. Den Hartog, C. Hegna, J. Reusch, Tearing Mode Effects on Electron Temperature in MST [PDF, 1.34 MB]
  29. Terry, Upcoming Turbulence Workshop
  30. Townsend, Transport of Angular Momentum in Rotating Starsl
  31. Masaaki Yamada, Ellen Zweibel, Panel Discussion
  32. Zenitani, Two-Fluid Simulations of Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection in Pair Plasmas
  33. P. Zhu, C. Sovinec, C. Hegna, Tearing Instability of Harris Sheet in Presence of Finite Normal Component of Magnetic Field [PDF, 1.94 MB]