CMSO General Meeting
April 6 - 9, 2009 | Santa Fe, NM
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Spring meeting covering all areas of CMSO research.

  1. P. Bellan, Laboratory Jet Experiments [PDF, 3.16 MB]
  2. A. Beresnyak, A. Lazarian, Balanced and Imbalanced MHD Turbulence [PDF, 1.95 MB]
  3. C. Carey, C. Sovinec, J. Everett, S. Heinz, Rotational Stabilization of Magnetically Collimated Jets [PDF, 3.08 MB]
  4. S. Colgate, H. Li, V. Pariev, J. Si, D. Westpfhal, J. Slutz, Z. Westrom, B. Klein, J. Martinic, H. Beckley, An Astrophysical Dynamo: The Origin of Large Scale, Coherent Magnetic Fields [PDF, 1.39 MB]
  5. B. Daughton, V. Roytershteyn, B. Albright, L. Yin, K. Bowers,H. Karimabad, Recent Progress in Large-Scale Kinetic Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection [PDF, 2.59 MB]
  6. W. Ding, Particle Transport in a Stochastic Magnetic Field during Magnetic Reconnection on MST [PDF, 7.79 MB]
  7. J. Everett,E. Zweibel, Q. Schiller, B. Benjamin, D. McCammon,J. Gallagher, The Pressure’s On: Cosmic-Ray Pressure in Galactic Winds [PDF, 0.72 MB]
  8. G. Fiksel, Open Questions in Momentum Transport in the MST RFP [PDF, 2.02 MB]
  9. T. Gray, M. Brown, C. Cothran, M. Schaffer, G. Marklin, Ion Heating and Taylor states in SSX [PDF, 5.3 MB]
  10. I. Khalzov, V. Ilgisonis, Negative energy waves and MHD stability of rotating plasma [PDF, 0.57 MB]
  11. I. Khalzov, F. Ebrahimi, D. Schnack, Minimum energy states in Hall MHD relaxation theory [PDF, 0.37 MB]
  12. W. Liu, H. Li, S. Hsu, S. Li,A. Lynn, Computational Studies of Magnetic Bubble Expansion as a Model for Extra-Galactic Radio Lobes [PDF, 5.91 MB]
  13. W. Liu, L. Yin, B. Albright, H. Li, S. Hsu, K. Bowers, W. Daughton, B. Bergen, J. Margulies, 3D Magnetic Reconnection of Relativistic Pair Plasmas [PDF, 6.66 MB]
  14. A. Lynn, Y. Zhang, S. Hsu,H. Li, W. Liu, Plasma Bubble Expansion as a Laboratory Model for Astrophysical and Solar Plasmas [PDF, 0.54 MB]
  15. R. Magee, A Toroidal CHERS Diagnostic for MST [PDF, 2.01 MB]
  16. L. Malyshkin, Hall reconnection and beyond [PDF, 73.83 KB]
  17. L. Mayshkin, S. Boldyrev, Dynamo in helical turbulence [PDF, 0.15 MB]
  18. M.C. Miller, A.F. Almagri, D. Craig, D.A. Ennis, G. Fiksel, S. Gangadhara, A. Kuritsyn,S. C. Prager, D. Stone, T.D. Tharp, Probe Measurements of Particle and Momentum Transport in MST [PDF, 4.7 MB]
  19. M. Nornberg, E. Schartman, H. Ji, A. Roach, W. Liu, J. Goodman, An update of results from the Princeton MRI Experiment [PDF, 3.31 MB]
  20. E. Oz, M. Yamada, B. McGeehan, S. Dorfman, H. Ji, N. Williams, J. Xie, Laboratory Study of Solar Flux Loops in MRX [PDF, 6.68 MB]
  21. J. Perez, S. Boldyrev, Numerical simulations of imbalanced MHD turbulence [PDF, 0.4 MB]
  22. V. Roytershteyn, W. Daughton, B.J. Albright, K.J. Bowers, L.Yin S. Dorfman, H. Ji, M. Yamada, Recent Advances in Fully Kinetic Simulations of Driven Magnetic Reconnection with Boundary Conditions Relevant to MRX [PDF, 4.58 MB]
  23. B. Sullivan, A. Bhattacharjee, Formation of Extended Current Sheets in Collisionless Hall MHD Systems [MOV, 20.26 MB]
  24. G. Taylor, K. Shurkin, S. Allen, A. Fabian, J. Sanders, R. Dunn, Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters [PDF, 2.76 MB]
  25. T.D. Tharp A.F. Almagri, M.C. Miller, V.V. Mirnov, S.C. Prager, J.S. Sarff, D. Craig, Hall Reconnection at the Reversal Surface of MST [PDF, 1.34 MB]
  26. Y. Wang, R. Kulsrud, H. Ji, An Express Theoretical Journey From Fluctuations to Anomalous Resistivity in Magnetic Reconnection Experiment [PDF, 2.19 MB]