Magnetic Reconnection
Transformation of Magnetic Energy into Kinetic Energy
We will use a combination of experiments, theory, simulation and
Magnetic forces develop that store energy. Plasma would be accelerated if not the large plasma conductivity that prevents plasma from flowing across magnetic field lines. Magnetic reconnection governs the onset and rate at which plasma can flow across fields, ultimately dissipating as heat.

Turbulent Reconnection in Large Systems
Understand how reconnection occurs in large systems that transition from laminar to turbulent reconnection. Understand how 3D turbulence (flux ropes) differs from 2D turbulence (generation of plasmoids in the current sheet). Experiments are under construction (TREX and FLARE) that will be able to access the large lundquist numbers needed to study these effects.

Flow Driven Reconnection
How does reconnection differ in plasmas which are flow dominated, rather than magnetically dominated.

Reconnection in Collisionless Plasmas
Understand how and when kinetic effects outside the scope of fluid theory control the onset, rate, and heating in reconnection. Understand the role of pressure anisotropy.